1. eggsPlan for perishable food you have in your house that might go bad during the week.  if you have food that is too “expensive” for this challenge, give it to someone who will enjoy it, rather than throw it away.  Or, freeze it so you can enjoy it after the challenge!
  2. If creating a menu is way too much work, use one of ours! Click here to find some great ones
  3. Shop with coupons
  4. Shop at discount stores
  5. Eat lots of rice and work around that for main meals
  6. Eggs and bananas are inexpensive, so use them in various meals or snacks
  7. Drink tap water with every meal and throughout the day and forego bottled water
  8. Shop on a full belly for the entire week, following a menu
  9. Plan a treat for the last meal of the week