Lewis N. ClarkLewis N. Clark was born out of the desire to represent the resourcefulness and courage found in travelers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. Our products focus on making any trip more organized, secure, comfortable, and convenient. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to pass through airport security hassle-free, or a way to make your favorite camping spot more enjoyable, we supply gear to get you were you want to go.

Lewis N. Clark believes that travel can be transformative and impacts us greatly on how we see ourselves as global citizens. Working through AFCA, Lewis N. Clark has been able to positively impact AFCA’s efforts through Vacation with a Purpose and Climb Up campaigns. lewis n clarkWe’re excited to participate in the #PassMyPlate campaign to bring awareness to those living below the global poverty line, and to help raise funds for AFCA to continue offering the support for communities that need it.

Create memorable travel and outdoor experiences every day with Lewis N. Clark.