childHow do individuals participate

Select a week from the event dates to take the challenge and register by clicking here

  • Calculate what you normally would have spent on food during that week and donate anything over the $1.90 alloted for daily consumption
  • If you are unable to take the challenge, you can donate an amount equal to what you normally spend on food for a week.
  • Ask friends and family to support your efforts to help provide food for AFCA’s children.
  • If you’d like to create a fundraising page, you can do so by clicking on the button below

Create a Fundraising Page

childHow do restaurants participate

  1. Pick or create a special dish for the restaurant to donate $1.90 for each one purchased
  2. Allow patrons to donate $1.90 per check
  3. Place a donation jar at your register for people to donate as they like

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childHow do companies participate

  1. Designate a specific item to donate 1.90% of proceeds sold during the event dates
  2. Make a one-time donation amount on behalf of the company and become a Pass My Plate sponsor

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