KatelynHer name is Katelyn and she is an AIDS widow who lives in Karusandara in western Uganda. A hard worker, she is an HIV+ mother to three children who wants what is best for them, knowing how difficult life can be without an education.

Katelyn has benefited from the three trainings received by AFCA’s partner, Baylor-Uganda: crop production, animal production and village saving and loans. When asked, she says she is very happy with this AFCA project because of the great things she has been able to achieve thanks to the hand-up she received when she was selected as a beneficiary. Katelyn tell us, “The AFCA project has changed my life. I was given knowledge in the form of trainings in both crop and animal production which has greatly improved my farming and rearing practices. The village loaning and saving association in which we trained and started is also doing well! I was given some goats and my animal project has grown enough that I was able to sell some in order to cover some unplanned costs.”

Changing lives is what AFCA’s livestock and seed project is all about. We have proven time and again that with proper training, the gift of specific items, monthly visits, extended counseling and management, and continued support, families who had no hope of ever breaking out of abject poverty can do just that. Families eat better thanks to veggies and fruit they grow, the milk produced by their goats and eggs given by their chickens. Excess food is sold, providing money for school fees and other necessities. And, as herds and flocks multiply, other needs are addressed. In her words, Katelyn explains the next part of her family’s journey, “I have bought cement, sand and gravel to use in the building of my home. I hope to complete the house after this harvesting season. We will have a home to call our own soon."

What an amazing feat! The combination of a hand-up, training and hard work has created in this family a feeling of hope and the certainty that they can fend for themselves. They are thrilled to be part of this project and urge us to continue adding families to it so that they, too, can know what it is to be hopeful. In order for that to happen, we need you. We need you to be part of #PassMyPlate and to donate what you’d normally spend in a week on groceries. It is not impossible to change a family’s life. Will you? Register today here:

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