Another beneficiary familyWelcome to Distribution Day! This is the best day for our families and for everyone involved in AFCA’s Livelihoods Program. Each beneficiary family arrives early to the training center, so happy and excited, yet cautious because they are receiving such an incredible gift. I believe the responsibility weighs heavily on their shoulders, knowing that this is the beginning of a new life for them. 

After many trainings, they are ready – they have an approved animal shelter ready for their animals; they have a way to feed them every day, thanks to gardens they started growing months ago; they have a water source so the animals stay hydrated and even have a water filter; they know how to help the animals if birthing is difficult or if they have worms or anemia or any other simple illness; they know that they will receive weekly visits from the supervisors, ensuring that the family and the animals are doing well. They know all of this, yet, they are still nervous because they know this is the moment they have been looking towards for so long. They thank us over and over again. It is a very good day for all of us.

William and his family

Today, William's family stands out to me and will stay in my heart for a long time. William is just five years old and lives with his aunt and uncle, having been orphaned by AIDS. He is HIV+ but is in excellent health right now. I note the sparkle in his eyes and I think he understands how important these new goats are to his family. They hold hope for many things for this family's future, including nutrition and the money for William to one day attend school. Of course, the family can also purchase the medicine William will one day need to combat the virus he carries.

Third beneficiary family

I wish you could see for yourself how life-changing it really is for our beneficiaries and how through some common-sense gifts and training, families are lifting themselves out of poverty. It is so exciting and I know I am just as excited as the families are. Distribution Day is when the work really begins and when hope really shines.

The team here at AFCA thanks you for supporting this project and the work we do for the children in Africa. If you would like to help more children like William to become food secure, please join #PassMyPlate. 

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