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PassMyPlate is an educational challenge promoting awareness of how extreme poverty, defined by the World Bank at $1.90 or less a day, has resulted in a hunger epidemic affecting millions around the world.

Funds raised by this challenge will help the American Foundation for Children with AIDS build sustainable food solutions for children living in Sub-Sahara Africa who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The project is a way to help these children and their guardians break a cycle of poverty and achieve health and self-sufficiency.

Providing food and hope to children is not the only benefit of PassMyPlate. The project enhances participants’ understanding of global issues.

Living in a nation of tremendous affluence, we tend to forget that countless numbers of people around the globe do not have the choices we take for granted every day. Trying to sustain on $1.90 or less per day might mean living on one meal a day without a choice of what that meal is—and without knowing if there will be a meal tomorrow.

Participating in PassMyPlate addresses important causes—global health, global hunger, and global poverty—while promoting an important value—sustainability. Even more so, by participating in this challenge, you will develop empathic understanding of these issues and learn to appreciate all that you have, that we have, in this country.


We have a $5k matching grant!
It will be used to match the first $5k raised for this campaign.


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What is it?

Pass My Plate is an event that brings awareness to the hunger epidemic in Africa and the extreme poverty line, which is defined as living on $1.90 or less a day by the World Bank. All funds raised will be used by AFCA to help African children infected with or affected by AIDS.
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When is it?

1 day participation
Select one day during the period November 1-24, 2021 and take the challenge to live on $1.90 for that day. Then donate a minimum of $10 to AFCA’s work

One week participation
Select one week during the period November 1-24, 2021 and take the challenge to live on $1.90 per day for that entire week. Then donate what you normally would have spent on food for a week

What's the goal?

Raise $20,000 to provide 360 children affected by AIDS and their guardians, with:
- seeds for gardens: beans, cassava, a variety of vegetables
- livestock: pigs, chickens, goats, sheep or rabbits
- training in gardening, husbandry and veterinary skills

Join us in November 2021

Make a difference in the lives of 360 children affected by AIDS and their guardians